Technical Info

Standard PA equipment

On Stage:
3x Vocal mics (Sm58 or Sm57)
1x Instrument mic (Beyer M201 or Akg MB400c)
4x Di
A selection of alternative mics are available.

Bose L1 Column with 2x B2 bass cabs, positioned behind the stage to provide main PA and monitoring. This system has sufficient power and low frequency response to enable direct connection of guitars, including Basses, without the need for separate amplifiers.

12ch Mixer with compressor, & expander/gate on i/ps, reverb and other effects.

(A larger Bose PA set up is available for individual concerts in either the Clifford room or main auditorium. Multi Track recordings can also be arranged.)

We want you to have the best sound and an enjoyable experience performing on our stage. Please contact the Sound team (via Facebook message, or on the evening between 7pm & 7:15pm) if you have any questions or specific requirements, such as mics for particular acoustic instruments e.g. Flute, Harp, etc.

Sound checks are welcomed and can be carried out between 7pm & 7:15pm.

‘One off’ PAT tests can be carried out on the night to ensure any mains powered equipment and leads meet current safety regulations. Please arrive at 7pm if you would like this done.

The club would like to hear from anyone who may be interested in joining our team, to help set up, help to run the evenings, and have the opportunity to learn to put together & operate the sound system. In the first instance contact Verity for more info. 07722 244952