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25th November 2016

PETE FALLOON, with his band, will be holding an album launch on Friday 25th November at 8pm in the Clifford Suite at the Barnfield Theatre. Special guest SMALL TOWN JONES. Admission £5. More info on We wish him all the best, and he will be our host in December!!

1st June 2017

The club would like to hear from anyone who may be interested in joining our team, to help set up, help to run the evenings, and possibly learn to operate/set up the p/a system. Anyone who is selected, may be asked to attend one of our regular committee meetings, where new ideas for the club are discussed, etc., with a view to joining the committee. In the first instance contact me for more info. Jerry.

1st July 2017

As the theatre is now under new management, they are keen to hold more music events. So if any performers that have played at the club would like to hire the Clifford Suite for a concert/cd launch etc. contact me in the first instance, as the theatre will "make special price"!!, including our help. We can also offer our Bose P/A system with sound tech, for a reasonable additional charge. Jerry.

Our open mic club night in is held on the first Friday of every month in the Clifford room of the Barnfield Theatre Exeter Tel 01392 270891 commencing at 7.45pm.

We charge a very modest £1.00 entry fee, which is also a raffle ticket. This is just to cover our costs.

Click here for a list of performers who have appeared.

What's it all about?

"An opportunity for singers with instrumental or harmony accompaniment to display and improve their talents and abilities before an audience in an amplified theatre setting"

The idea was to book a regular venue which fits in well with the monthly Friday night folk circuit in the Exeter area. It is certainly not another folk club. The idea was to put together entertaining shows to an audience and provide a showcase for local talent. After three years many hundreds of performers have performed at the club. An excellent amplified system and lighting is provided with a resident engineer together with a stage area. It is simply a case of plug in and play.

Performers are able to get further information by ringing the theatre on 01392 270891 or by ringing Jerry on 07596 843373 or 01626 772270. The compères will use their judgement in allotting the timing of each spot thereby keeping the evening entertaining for all. It well may be one song for a nervous newcomer, two songs for an improver or an extended fifteen minute three song spot. It is hoped that an appearance at the Barnfield Music Club is something for performers to prepare and work towards.

Performers can just turn up on the night and take their chance on being allocated a spot. However it is always helpful for the compère to know in advance who is likely to be available for his selection. The compère will be at the venue by 7.30pm.

The public are warmly invited.

The Music Club sub committee are:

Mick Burch - Founder
Jerry Williamson - Secretary and Treasurer
Roger Hutton - Chair and Sound Technician
Tom Matthews - Sound Technician
Dave Wellington - Sound Technician
Alan Howlett - Sound Apprentice and Stage Hand
Marysa Williamson - Door Supervisor and Raffle Manager


Just some of the artists who have appeared:

(Click on any underlined name to go to that artist's web site)

9lb CAT FISH., Aaron Samuel, Acacia Ann, Adam Sweet, Adelia, Adrian Connery, Adrian Maxwell, Adrian Vranch, Al Ford, Alan Hooper, Alan Howlett, Alex Cross, Alex Gregory, Alex Hall, Alex Kumar, Alice Jemima, Alice, Jim, Gabriel and Charlie, Alive and Kicking, Alpha Tide, Amy Wadge, Andrew Mackay, Andy Clarke, Andy Mills, Andy Murphy, Andy Watts, ANGELINA, Anita Jardine, Anna Crabtree, Anna Hearnden, Anne Darby, Barry Cutler, Beacon Fire (Robert Edis), Becky and Tim, Becky Brookes, Becky Driscol, Ben Goddard, Ben Morgan Brown, Ben Pritchard, Ben Tellamy, Ben Towill, Ben Van Weede, Billy Allan, Billy Bottle, Billy Mallet, BMC 10th June, Brad Leyland, Breakout, BRIGHT STAR (GAVIN HODGE), Brook Green Band, Brooklyn and Cash, Byzantium Lane, Cai Sutherland, Canon-a-Nouille, Carla Brian and Tony Johnstone, Carrie, Chee, Chlay, Chordial:-Robert Spence,Jade Johnson,Kris Adamczak, Chris Austin, Chris Austin and Albie MacMacmahon, Chris Baynham, Chris Davis and the Dufflebags, Cliff Jones, Cole Stacey, Colin Wilson & The Boys From Melbourne Street, Coral Butcher, Crossborder, Crow Puppets, Cydney Brown, Dan Crisp, Dave Charles, Dave Helsby, Dave Leggett, DAVE LUPTON, Dave o\' Brian, DAVE SAWYER, Dave wood, David Hoad, David Hoad, David Treadaway, David Waller, David Williams, Derick Brookes, Devonbird, Diantha Harvey (of Glorious Chorus), Elaine Lightfoot, Elliot Alford, Exmouth Shanty Men, Fruit of the Vine, Full Blown Wiggy, Funky Bizness, Gabrielle & Pierre, Gareth Hedges, George Street Sessions, Gidley's Turn, Giles Bown, Glen, Sally and Steve, Go Tell Alice (Lizzie and Steve), Gollywhoppers, Gordon Cambell, Graham Butterfield, Graham Vincent, Greg Hancock, Hannah Martin, Harpingmad (Suzie and Bill Trezise), Harry and the Hecklers, Harry Dowell, Harry Vinnicombe, Ian Gardiner, Ian James, Isambarde, Ivonice and Charlie Powell, Jack Dean, Jack Lawrence, Jackie Williams, Jaime Van Weede, James Brook, James Cann, James Richardson, James Wallwork, Jamie Boyle, Jane Gardiner, Jeff Sleeman, Jenna Witts, Jerry Cahill, Jessa Tilley, JILL HUMPHRIES, Jim Howden, Jimmy Ireland, Jo Wright, John and Robin., John Barber, John Brookes (Cliff Jones Accompanying), John Bryant, John Gallager, John Katon, John Kerry Brux, John Lane, John Lockwood, John Middleton, John Phillips, John Stevens, John White, John Williams, Johnny Campbell, Josh Sargeant, Judy Baynham, Julia Hamilton, Julie Yount and Stuart Wills, Karl Zumar, Kathy Jenkins, Katie Marie, Kestor String Band, Kevin Spiers, KULU, Lara Conley, Lara Snowdon, Lecaila Band, Lee Coatham, Leeroy Loftus, Linda Dumchen, Lips, Fingers and Thumbs, Lisa Fitzgibbon and the Power Folk Quartet, Lunch Buddies, Mado Painting, Maggie Duffy, Mandy Porteous, Marc Travis, Marc Woodward with Kirkwood Brown Trio, Mario Pansera, Mark Glover, Mark Thomas, Mark Williams, Mart Heron, Martin and Janet Sidebotham, Martin Rooney (Lonesome Cowboy), Martin Weller, Mary Dinham, Mary Elms, Matt Calder, Matt Franklyn, Matt Norman, Matt Petherbridge and Ben, Matt Whipp, Maurice, Mel Rout, Mick Burch, Mick Groves, Mike (percussion), Mike Bollard, Mike Selly, Mitch Norman, Moor Reason, Morning Rush Band, Mozura, Mudskippers, My Black Hat, Nathan, Native Oak (Adam Croft), Neil Davis, Nick Cann, Nick Hurford, Nick Walters, Nicky Swann, Nicola, NOEL and JENNY, Noel Harvey, Not Yet, Oska, Otto, Our Wife Now, OWLY DAVE, PADDY, Papa Fernando, Paul Caddick, Paul Downes, Paul Hirst, Paul Hunter, Perfect Curves, Pete Furnish, PETER FALLOON, Peter Scott, Phil Beer, Phil Dale, Phil Henry, Rachel Belringer, Rachel Hine, Radley Searle, Rebecca Worthley, Rebekah Bossard, Reg Meuross, Richard Firman and Eid, Richard Marriott, Richard Reece, Rick Lawes, Rick Lawes & Peter Furnish, Rip the Calico, Rob and John, Rob Bright, Rob Leach, Rob Lees and Nick Bayes, Rob Tovey, Robert Edis, Robert Spence, Robert Wheaton, Roger Hutton, RONI PERRY, Rory Gilbert, Rosa Rebecka, Rosie Eade, Rosie Erangey, Ruby May Spencer, Ruth Harry, SADIE HORLER, Sally Ewin, SAMANTICS, Sarah Yeo, Sean and Heard, Sean Goddard, Senseless, Sharon, Sharon, Sharon Stroat, Sharon Stroat, Sid Vinnicombe and Paul, Sidewalk Anthem, Sigourney Porter, Simon (the Beard), Simon Scott, Simon Twigg, Slater Lyon, SOLARFERENCE (Sarah Owen & Nick Janaway), Somesortofthreat, Southern Folk, (Dave and Tash), SPRING HEELED JACKS, State Of Undress, Steph and Jeff, Steph Price, Stephen Snow, Steve Jenner, Steve Johnson, Steve Morgan, Steve Thomason, Steve Tyler and Andy Clarke, Steve Waters, Still Waters, Stuart James, Stuart James & Nadya, Stuart Wills, Sue Mentz, Suzanna Billeter, Tazuo Nakajima, Teahorse, Ted Dowse, The Band Not Yet, THE BLUE JEWEL BAND (Steve Banks), The Campus Choir, The Cornelius Family, The Crow Puppets (Em and Cara), The Exe Swedes, THE LITTLE UNSAID (John Elliott), The Lunch Buddies (Mary and Adrian), The Old Porch Band, The Sidewalk Anthem, Thunderbridge Blue Grass Boys, Tim Loe, TIN SOLDIERS, Tobias B Jacob, Tom Matthews, Tom Parkes, Tom Wells, Tony Charlton, Tony Chipperfield, Tony Harvey, Tony Reader, Tony Scott, Tony Woollard, Trish Boothby, Used Batteries, Velvet and Stone (Lara, Kat and Holly), Venezuela, Verity Greenaway, Vicky Pearce, Viv Clements, William Richardson... plus many many more.

October 2016

Another varied and entertaining evening on the 7th October. TONY SCOTT was our host for the first time, and he did a very good job, as well as singing some good songs, hope we haven't put you off Tony! Welcome to (new to us) JILL HUMPHRIES and BRIGHT STAR (GAVIN HODGE), who also collected for St Petrocks Homeless Charity-I will post how much he collected when I know. Performers on the night:-TONY SCOTT, MARY DINHAM with ALAN HOWLET, BRIGHT STAR, JILL HUMPHRIES, JOSH SARGENT with LEROY LOFTUS, JOHN BROOKS, DAVID HOAD, VERITY GREENAWAY, TONY SCOTT, NOEL and JENNY (who did a nice dance to hubbys song!), KAT JENKINS, PETE FALLOON, WILLIAM RICHARDSON, VERITY GREENAWAY. Thank you all for your sets, and great to have a responsive audience, see you again on November 4th. Jerry.

September 2016

Friday 2nd September was a very busy night for us, in fact we had to tell several people that the list was full, but I will put them down for next month. VERITY GREENAWAY was our host(ess), and she did a great job, and did a couple of really good sets with her new trio-"FELT BOTTOM". Welcome to a few new performers at the club, great to see/hear you all, hope to see you again in the future:-"FELT BOTTOM" (VERITY, PHIL AND DAVE), ANGELINA, "TIN SOLDIERS", SADIE HORLER, SAMANTICS, PETE FALLOON, DAVE LUPTON. The running order for the night:-"FELT BOTTOM", JOHN WHITE with ALAN HOWLET, SHARON SPROAT and CLIFF JONES, ANGELINA, MARTYN CORNELLIUS, "TIN SOLDIERS", SADIE HORLER, MICK GROVES with ALAN, SAMANTICS, "9LB CATFISH", PETE FALLOON, "FELT BOTTOM", MAGGIE AND PETE CORNELLIUS with ALAN, VICKY PEARCE, "CROSS BORDER with DAVE LUPTON". Thankyou all for making it such a great evening, for the club and the for the audience. In fact, there were close to 80 people in the Clifford Suite, which was excellent. We will be here in October, hope you will be too! Jerry.

August 2016

Another great night on 5th August. Lots of audience to enjoy the evening as well! MARY DINHAM did her first night as host at the BMC, she did a grand job, keeping everybody (and me),on their toes!! Her set with the band was excellent, and the duet with her daughter--run out of superlatives!! We welcomed RONI PERRY on her first visit, hope it's not the last!! The list of performers on the night: MARY DINHAM with SPRING HEELED JACKS, SPRING HEELED JACKS, NICK WALTERS, THE (near complete) JOHN WHITE BAND, TONY HARVEY, MARY AND ANNA, NOEL, JOHN BROOKS with PAUL HIRST, RONI PERRY, VERITY GREENAWAY, NINE POUND CATFISH. It was good to see Roger again, recovering after his recent operation, keep up the good work Rog!!. It was great evening, and many thanks to all you performers and to the audience, hope you all enjoyed it as much as me, if you did, come again!! Jerry.

July 2016

We had a fairly quiet night on the 2nd July, (there was a concert on in the cathedral with that quite well known duo-"Show of Hands"!!). But it was the first time as host for Vicky Pearce, so broke her in gently!, and she did very well. A good varied evening, with performers:- VERITY GREENAWAY, PAUL HIRST, AL FORD, VICKY PEARCE, TORQUIL, MICK BURCH, KAYLEIGH, DAVID HOAD, NOEL, ABI, MARY DINHAM with SPRING HEALED JACK, SPRING HEALED JACK, MARY DINHAM, VICKY PEARCE. Many thanks to all who came, and look forward to August. Jerry.


The club is able to offer support to artists wishing to promote their own concert in the Clifford Room of the Theatre. Artists choose their admission charge and the tickets are sold through the box office with the usual deduction for the room hire and admin charges. The club is able to publicise any concert on club nights and the Theatre can offer assistance with publicity with sufficient notice.

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